Sunday, January 16, 2005

Jesus on the, The Christian Minority Coalition

My dear husband found this website and shared it with me by email with the below intro:

JESUSONTHEFAMILY.ORG In a world of escalating violence, war and greed, parents want to protect their children and keep their families strong.
Learn how Jesus taught nonviolence and inspired spiritual growth, without forcing his faith on anyone.

The Christian Minority Coalition Many Christians from conservative churches have written to me, to describe that backlash they've had to endure from churchgoers and family members whenever they've dared to stand up for Jesus' teachings...particularly those that are inconvenient to certain political agendas.

For activist leaders of the radical religious right, the Bible isn't so much a spiritual guide as an ammunitions storehouse. Verses are handpicked from here and there (carefully ignoring those scriptures that might get in the way of their own "godly" image and political ambitions) to justify whatever they want to do.

And since there are commands in various parts of the Bible to do terrible things that Jesus never condoned--like stoning your rebellious children to death, or stoning gay people, or killing everyone in an enemy's village except the young virginal girls...well clearly, there's something for everyone, no matter how cruel, no matter how vile.

The sites described and linked above are precisely those kinds of Christian advocacies most needed for these times. These are the sites Mr. Dobson and Mr. Falwell should have built long ago - long before Americans would be required to vote based on real moral values. Since such a high moral action was beyond messers Dobson, Falwell, Robertson, LaHaye, Land, and the many others of the same ilk. We are left do deal with them in their firmest and bloodiest mantle - the same mantle as the Pharisees of old. I truly wish that I had been a part of the founding of Jesus On The Family and The Christian Minority Coalition. - Arthur Ruger - Publisher, The American Choice.

And I read several of the articles, and found them compelling, so I thought I would share the wealth; Here are a few of her articles. The entire website, however, is a wealth of information and exactly hits on how we experience our Christian spirituality. It surely seems that those of us who share similar views on the teachings and messages of Jesus have become a minority. Somehow, I don't really believe we are a minority, rather, I think the so called Christian majority just have aggressively loud voices and are intent on outshouting even Jesus. Enjoy, I am sure you will.

Articles by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst at Jesus on the

Author of Jesus on Parenting
coauhor of The Nonviolent Christian Parent

The Christian Minority Coalition

From Belts to Bombs, America's
Passion for Punishment

Let's Not Pretend We Didn't Know

Should Americans of Conscience
Go on Strike?

Dreams of Nonviolent Resistance

The "Christian Nation" Bombs:
A Call to Resist the Perversion of Our Faith

"Why Are Some American Christians So Bloodthirsty?"

Understanding Prowar Christians'
Indifference to Civilian Deaths

see more at Jesus on The Family

Jesus on the Family


Arthur Ruger said...

I published this article today at

Weeds of the Field: The Choking of the Lilies.

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