Saturday, January 15, 2005

Catching Up on Cold Winter evening

I'm wiped out. Where did I leave off, oh yeah, New Year's. Well let's see, since Sweetie has his new computer, we are happily engaged now in our mutual hobby, him online with his puter and me online with mine. Now I've got him thoroughly addicted to blogging and he's making em left and right.

Joy is blogging now too, so got several in the family blogging away. I have done change-overs to many of my older blogs, and I like what is happening. Dying to Preserve the Lies has a new template, that I installed! I was so pleased with that I made another brand new blog, installed my own template and liked it too. It's called Back in The Day, Everything 1950's and 1960's.

Then I worked over another old blog, used a lot of new tricks on it and am liking it too. But aside from some major workshop activities on blogs, we installed the Mozilla modem and so I was having to adjust some to how it works. We both reallly like how it works, and then I talked Lica into using it on her puter too. I think she likes it, but I haven't heard back from her. It's the tabs, you can open so many pages simultaneously!

So then I started getting the extensions, and got bloglines. It stores up the rss feeds so you can be in one place and read blogs, news, just about anything all in one place on your bloglines. We also got G-mail so was adjusting to that new email and sharing the invites around. Then I installed the companion email to Mozilla, which is Thunderbird and liking it well enough to make it my primary email instead of Outlook Express.

We aren't using then Internet Explorer or Outlook now, but keeping them both installed. So it's been a whole new computer landscape while I've adjusted to all the new goodies. Now I'm here back at blog-drive and it looks like they've changed the environment. I'll be catching up with all the blogs I made at blog-drive, but not for a bit, I'm tired.

Oh, and then there is the discussion board I made, and it's been sitting there not doing anything, but I talked to Randa in chat today and got her in there, she'll probably get something going with it in Teenz and Poetry. Next I have to go back to all my thousands of blogs (I exaggerate, but there are like 20 or more) and tie them all together. Oh, and yeah, I was also working on a new website too, so will have to link all these pieces up into one large networking.

It's like having a lot of children, and they each need different attention. Guess it's a Lietta version of neo-pets. Lance insists on jumping up in my lap while I'm online, so it's Lance, me and the keyboard and Sweetie across the way happily engaged in his online entertainments.

Drop in the temperature here, so it's chilly, downright cold, but I'm not complaining, cause Lica tells me it's like in the teens where they are, and that's frigid. Then there is is Sis in Utah and I'm sure it's cold there, not sure what kind of temperatures they get there, but colder than here.
Okay, enough for now, got to keep up this blog, been neglecting it.

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