Thursday, January 27, 2005

It's another anniversary for us today, Jan 27 and I'm including a photo of me from our last year anniversary get away retreat, to a tree house in Cannon Beach, Oregon. It was so serene, peaceful and quiet. Of course January is not the high tourist season in Oregon, so it tends to be quieter in the winter months anyway. This year we are not spending $$ on get away locally, we are starting a special account to save for an anniversary trip to Europe! I'm excited. Daughter and her husband have been to Europe couple of times now, Son has been and another daughter with her family lives in Germany now. Europe, here we come!  Posted by Hello

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Brett said...

Happy anniversary! Every picture I've seen of Oregon is simply beautiful - I'd love to get up to the Pacific northwest sometime. My wife and I took a three-week trip to Europe a couple of years ago and would be glad to offer some advice if you ever need it. Hope you and your husband had a fabulous anniversary!