Saturday, January 22, 2005

Dying to Preserve the Lies: The Quiet Dignity of Dissent

Watching the Inauguration as broadcast by an incredibly classless and toadying media - ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, led by our national broadcast embarrassment FoxNews - I have found the best source of news and recovery to be our blogosphere.

Not all the blog voices are national or well-known.

Not all the blog voices scream headlines and fire off rhetorical torpedoes.

Some come from quiet backwater Amercian homes and powerfully demonstrate the quiet dignity of dissent. One such is blogger, Wonderwander whose postings consistently reflect that very dignity and legitimacy that Right Wing hacks fear the most and attack with a most outrageous and terrified irrationality.

Wonderwander has yet to make the attack list and because she quietly insists on maintaining an occasional honest and truthful commentary amid the more frequent copy and pasting of pertinent articles, may never be known outside a small circle. It's that quietness that penetrates her writing and touches the conscience within.

Dying To Preserve The Lies

She wrote the following 3 days after the election:


I feel like voters just signed the death warrant for our kids

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