Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Project; marbelized wax - melted wax paper - stained glass effect

Marbeling wax papers tutorial link.

Our neighbors, those avante garde weekenders who come down from Seattle, have been our wonderful neighbors for more than two years now. They bought the old church building and property that was once an extended part of our home and property. We wanted to but couldn't swing buying both properties when we bought our home. I so wanted the old church building as my 'studio' and since I couldn't have it, I'm so pleased we got the wonderful neighbors we have who have made it their 'studio'.

They are a couple and in two years are a source of inspiration to me for the creative projects they have done in claiming the old church, making it their get away from it all home. One thing they did was to use colored paper which they mounted on the uppermost windows of the french doors they installed at the side opening. It creates a stained glass window effect and when the sun streams in, creates an interesting play of light.

I like the project pictured as it seems to be a way I could create a similar effect, using the tutorial to marbelize pieces of paper.

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