Friday, September 26, 2008

Opinions on the Debate

What's your take?

And this from Brian McGough :: McCain overstretches his support of veterans and troops.


In tonight's debate John McCain said "I know the veterans, I know them well, and I know that they know that I'll take care of them, and I have been proud of their support and their recognition of my service to the veterans, and I love them, and I'll take care of them, and they know that I'll take care of them."
Truth be told this is not the case. McCain has a lackluster voting record when it comes to veteran's issues and America's veterans know it. The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have given McCain a grade of "D" when it comes to voting in their interest. The Disabled American Veterans have given McCain a 20% rating when it comes to voting in the interest of disabled veterans.

McCain ad - Claims won Debate - A debate that hasn't even happened yet because McCain 'suspended campaign' and debate

John McCain, Presidential Candidate, on Wednesday 'suspended his campaign' (his own words) to get to DC to help with the financial bailout. In suspending his campaign he wasn't going to be available for the Presidential Debate with Barack Obama in Mississippi on Friday.

But look at the McCain ad below advertising he already won the debate!

copy/paste snapshot of page where McCain campaign ad appeared. Could be one of those here today and gone tomorrow, so wanted to get snapshot of it while it is still online. Found the info though at Washington Post - link here.

in case the copy/paste item disappears, here is Washington Post link to the screenshot.

Bush Speech Invade Iraq 2003; his same speech for Financial Bailout 2008

Bush 2003 Scares U.S. into Iraq invasion; Bush 2008 Scares U.S. into Financial Bailout -- Jon Stewart, The Daily Show shows the side by side almost exact speech of President Bush on Iraq 2003, President Bush on Financial Bailout 2008.

David Letterman Reacts to John McCain's Cancelling of Guest Appearance

The cancelled guest appearance of Presidential candidate John McCain scheduled for the David Letterman show, Sept 24, 2008. In which John McCain phoned Letterman to advise he was cancelling as he had to fly back to DC because the economy was 'cratering' and in crisis ($700 Billion Financial Bailout). Ah, but that same night, John McCain appeared on Katie Couric, and didn't actually fly back to DC until the next morning. John McCain had announced his intention to 'suspend his campaign' (for President of the United States of America) to go to Congress to help out with the financial bailout). Video is of David Letterman's responses on his show as this circumstance was unfolding is too exquisite not to post!

Line break - Election 2004, now Election 2008

A quick post. I abandoned this blog after the disappointing election 2004, and went on to create other blogs that I continued to update. Blogging has, of course, evolved considerably since the early blogging days and is a quite different environment in 2008 than it was in 2004. It was good to visit this 'old friend' stub of a blog. I'm thinking I might use it to add some items related to Election 2008. There are some circumstances just too exquisite to not blog for the sake of retaining a bit of history.