Saturday, December 11, 2004

Holidays, post election, laments for America

Much as I usually love the holidays, this year I'm having a hard time revving up for festive decor and festive gatherings. Getting through the post election stunner and grave concerns for the health of our country, I'm not mustering up that good holiday cheer this year.

There is a ton of boxed holiday decor in storage and I don't have the heart to haul it all out, sort through it and set the house into a holiday mode. I remain fastened to sorting out what went wrong at election, with a huge concern that this is second stolen election. Fearing that if country doesn't feel the alarm by now, it may be a country we have permitted to be sold down the river.

I can't seem to bring myself to go about usual every day activities, until I absolutely know that the election is really over, which I don't believe it is, and if there is a glimmer of hope left that the electorate has not yet officiated the vote, then I seem glued to following the unfolding daily activity in blogosphere on what may very well be election fraud.

So Happy Holidays isn't working too well for me this year. Doesn't feel in the least bit happy with war in Iraq turning so ugly, and on a timeline now of indefinite duration, as Rumsfeld has said 4-5 to 10 years. Now the administration is looking at Iran, meantime on the homefront, legislation has passed in the Omnibus bill with it packed full of things we have yet to see in the fallout. Mandatory mental health screening not requiring parental permission is but one of those "things" that got packed into that bill.

Sigh, festive holidays to you as we pretend all is well and go about business as usual here in America. How did we lose her, how did we take our eye off the ball?

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Anonymous said...

Get over it. We need George Bush as president, and we need to be in this war. What is one supposed to do when a hostile nation attacks the US, killing thousands of innocent civilians? The invasion of Iraq was necessary because of what Clinton's administration did not attend to while he was having sex with goodness only knows. Yes, America was sold down the river by the democrats. It's a shame that the Republicans have to come along now and clean up.

If you're so depressed over this election, I recommend professional help. You are a sick person, not living in reality.