Monday, August 23, 2004

I'm a military family, a proud military mom...and by this time in the progression of the invasion of Iraq with soldiers dying, casualties mounting, I find this group..Military Families Speak Out. I join and feel better but continue to try to be respectful to other families who don't think military families should speak out.

I have begun to feel uncomfortable with the flag we fly at our home. I don't support young soldiers dying in Iraq, I'm not sure yet, even why we are in Iraq. I know what we are being told, but there are so far no WMD found, our country did not agree to "liberate" Iraq, rather our country seemingly agreed to invade Iraq because our government thought there was strong potential of WMD which they tied to Al Quaeda and tied to Osama Bin Laden.

We seem to have rather stopped looking for Osama Bin Laden. We aren't readily finding WMD. We maybe have or have not taken down the "evil dictator" to mimic our President's words. Our President by this time has foolishly done a photo op flying onto a Navy ship in a parachute get up to land under a sign showing Mission Accomplished. But the soldiers are still fighting and dying in Iraq and there are now remnants of the armies and new insurgencies striking back at our soldiers. The President has by now said "Bring Em On" in another photo op on the world stage, further enraging the opposition and endangering our soldiers lives.

What military school did the President go to? What military experience did he have? Is this what he learned during his absence from Vietnam with his Guard enlistment, from which it appears he was seemingly similarly absent? By now, some military families ought to be realizing something is astrew here, this is not how the Commander in Chief of the military conducts himself with regard to the safety of the troops under his command.

This ol' military brat knows different; this fomer young wife of a Vietnam veteran knows different too. There is a code..and the President of our country who has taken us into a war that is still highly questionable does not seem to know or understand that code. It is time to be very disturbed and very unrestful and it is time not to keep so silent. Keeping silence was meant to respect others with loved ones whose lives are on the line, and some of us had better at least start to question the nature of what is going on as soldiers die daily now. Posted by Hello

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